• “Skeptics question whether our program is working and stakeholders want to see evidence.  We need proof of our value.”

  • “We know in our gut that our programs achieve meaningful results, but we need data to more convincingly tell our story.”

  • “We want to offer a new program to a much larger audience.  But before we go all the way, we need to know how the initial roll-out is working in order to make needed improvements and get more buy-in.”

  • “Some of our people are performing quite well, but others continue to struggle.  What are the good ones doing differently?  How can we get more people to achieve these same positive results?”

BEI’s evaluations provide compelling and actionable information on program impact so organizations are better able to execute their initiatives and achieve their goals.  We blend qualitative and quantitative methods to provide clients with the convincing outcome data they need to win program support from funders, partners, and participants.  And, we help clients leverage the evaluation data to gain more value from their programs and make decisions about their investments.  BEI’s methodology is distinguished in its practicality.  We employ the scientific rigor to produce credible data while addressing the real-world needs and constraints of our clients. 

Our evaluations enable clients to persuasively tell the story of their program impact by arming them with answers to the following core questions:

  1. When the program works the best, what is the good that is achieved?  Where and how often does it work?  What helps drive success?

  2. Where the program does not work, what gets in the way?
  3. Who needs to do what differently to get more value from the program?