Lynette Brinkerhoff

Lynette has received graduate degrees in both Experimental Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado. In addition, brings almost two decades of experience in counseling, case management, functional behavior analysis, change management, and solutions-focused applications aimed at improving group dynamics. Lynette’s experience also includes the development of change initiatives and social service programs and practice as an independent consultant. Lynette has been with BEI for the past 5 years. 

Dr. Daniela Schroeter

Daniela is an evaluation theorist, methodologist, practitioner, and educator who builds organizational evaluation capacity and supports organizations in achieving their objectives by providing practical evaluation consulting. Over the last 15 years, she has provided evaluation and capacity building to a wide range of private, public, and nonprofit organizations around the globe. Her research has centered on evaluation theory, methodology and practice in social and organizational, international contexts. Daniela is an associate professor at Western Michigan University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration, where she teaches graduate-level courses in evaluation, methods, organizational theory, social entrepreneurship, and grant writing. Before joining the faculty, she served as the Director of Research at Western’s Evaluation Center. In 2013, she received the national Marcia Guttentag Award of the American Evaluation Association.

Jeff Asmus

Jeff Asmus is a global HR executive and consultant specializing in performance improvement and talent development in corporate settings. For over 10 years, Jeff was Director of Talent Development for a large, multi-national technology company, and also lived and worked in China as Director of Talent Development. Jeff has a passion for using evaluation methods and structured interviewing to uncover the root cause of performance issues and successes within teams, organizations, and programs. 

In 2017, Jeff transitioned from an internal HR executive to an external HR consultant. His work has continued in performance improvement, talent development, and evaluation. Jeff holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business, HR, and Counseling. Jeff joined the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute (BEI) team in 2019 and has quickly integrated with the team to collaborate on a variety of evaluation projects.   

In addition to our core team, BEI maintains a network of evaluation associates, several of whom practice internationally and are fluent in a variety of languages. This reach allows BEI to accommodate projects of any size around the globe.

BEI Partners With a Network of Highly Skilled and Experienced Evaluators to Best Meet Our Clients' Needs

Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff

Rob is an internationally recognized expert in evaluation and learning effectiveness and is also the creator of the Success Case Method, a highly regarded and carefully crafted impact evaluation approach to determining how well a program works. Over his 40-year career, Rob has provided consultation to dozens of multinational organizations around the globe. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at hundreds of conferences worldwide and authored several books including The Success Case MethodTelling Training's Story, Courageous Training, and most recently Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys. Rob earned his doctorate at the University of Virginia in program evaluation and is a retired Professor at Western Michigan University, where he coordinated graduate programs in human resource development.