BEI operates under the guidance of Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, internationally recognized evaluation and learning effectiveness expert and creator of the Success Case Method – a highly regarded and carefully crafted evaluation approach that has been proven effective in dozens of organizations and has gained popularity worldwide.

BEI is a part of the Learning Alliance, Inc., a partner with Advantage Performance Group, Inc. (APG) and APG’s parent company BTS, Inc. Both APG and BTS provide training and performance improvement services to a global audience using High Impact Learnings Systems® and Success Case Evaluation Method® methodologies, and are co-owners with Learning Alliance, Inc. of these registered service marks.

APG also offers training and certification in the High Impact Learning tools and methods branded as the Advantage Way. Click here for more information about the Advantage Way.


Conducting evaluations. BEI partners with organizations to provide program impact information that enables them to more effectively address their most pressing issues.

Training and capability building. BEI provides workshops and other training services to build capability in evaluation skills, tools, and practices. BEI also provides speaking and keynote services at conferences and meetings.

Driving alignment and clear performance expectations.  BEI helps organizations "see the hidden wiring" of how their initiatives work.  BEI clarifies intended outcomes and shows the linkage among program goals, critical behaviors, and diverse job or work team contributions.  This helps people get on the same page about who needs to do what to achieve success.  And, illuminates program merit and the mechanisms to achieve that value to stakeholders.

While BEI is available to meet onsite, much of its work can be conducted virtually - keeping costs low and extending the reach of its services.  BEI also maintains a network of evaluation associates, several of whom practice internationally and are fluent in a variety of languages - allowing BEI to accommodate projects of any size around the globe.


Here are some of our clients:


Brinkerhoff Certification  for High Performance Learning Journeys

BEI helps organizations achieve their objectives faster by conducting thorough yet practical evaluations of the key programs that contribute to their success.  We use data-driven analysis to measure and document program impact and identify actions to milk more value from program investments.  Clients find our services helpful in winning funding and sponsor support, gaining the commitment of participants, informing decisions regarding program spend, and identifying program improvements.