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BEI helps organizations accelerate the impact of strategic change and performance improvement initiatives by conducting thorough but practical evaluations that document valuable outcomes and the factors that enhance or impede them. Clients around the globe find our services invaluable in winning funding and sponsor support, gaining the commitment of participants, informing program improvements, and providing compelling evidence that decision-makers can actually use.

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Here are some of our clients:


We are an independent consulting organization, specializing in conducting impact evaluations of learning programs implemented by organizations worldwide. Co-directed by Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff and Dr. Daniela Schroeter, we combine the know-how of the learning and development industry with best practices and scholarship in evaluation. Dr. Brinkerhoff is an internationally recognized evaluation and learning effectiveness expert and the developer of the Success Case Method. Dr. Schroeter is an interdisciplinary evaluation scholar, trainer, and practitioner. The core team includes Lynette Brinkerhoff, a highly experienced project manager and lead interviewer, and Jeff Asmus, a learning and development specialist and lead interviewer. Additionally, BEI maintains a network of evaluation associates, several of whom practice internationally and speak a variety of languages, allowing BEI to accommodate projects of any size around the globe.

While we are available to meet onsite, we complete most of our work virtually - keeping costs low and extending the reach of our services. 

BEI's Core Services

Conducting evaluations. BEI partners with organizations to provide program impact evaluations that enable them to address their most pressing issues more effectively. Our studies use best practices to deliver justifiable conclusions and actionable recommendations.

Training and capability building.
 BEI provides workshops and capacity building services to build capability in evaluation skills, tools, and practices. BEI also offers speaking and keynote services at conferences and meetings. 

Impact mapping. 
BEI helps organizations "see the hidden wiring" of how their initiatives work by clarifying intended outcomes and showing linkages among program goals, critical behaviors, and a range of job or work team contributions. This helps people get on the same page about who needs to do what to achieve success, and it illuminates program merit and the mechanisms to achieve value-added for organizations.